Ionic installation for Windows

Introduction To ionic:Ionic is mobile app development framework .It is used for developing Hybrid Mobile can get the more information on the following link:
1.Install Node.js:you can download latest version of Node.js from the following Website:  download the file and install it .For checking npm version you can run the following command:           npm -v
For installing ionic you have to install cordova also. 2.Install  Cordova:    you can view available versions of cordova by using following command:    npm view cordova versions for installing cordova use following command: npm install -g cordova@latest           (this command will install latest version of cordova)
after installing if you want to check version of cordova you can run following command:          cordova -v 3.Install Ionic:for installing ionic run following command: npm install -g ionic@latest check ionic version using ionic…